Top Apps for Students Studying Abroad

A widely popular application across the globe. You can catch up with friends and family wherever they are with this handy messaging app. It’s also useful for projects or group presentations as you can create group chats and organize meet-ups.

Make calls to anyone anywhere in the world with Viber, as long as the recipient has the application on their phone. It is similar to Skype, but without the video, although you can send video messages and text as well.

When you are planning to visit your home country during your summer or Christmas vacation, you can find the cheapest flights using the handy search results display, which allows you to view prices by day, week, month or even a whole year. It also directs you to the cheapest company for each flight when booking.

XE currency converter
Know just how far your money is going with this currency converter, which stores the latest rates to give an accurate figure when you’re not connected to WIFI or 3G. It also comes in a selection of different languages, which could come in handy.

This allows you to keep track of your everyday expenses, which you can browse and filter by date, type or account. You can also view graphs to see if you’re sticking to your budget.

Google Translate
Despite its humorous and often too literal translations this application can be useful when you can’t remember something and want a quick translation for a specific word.

Voucher cloud
Never pay full price again with. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to eat, something to do or you need a new laptop, find all the latest discounts on Voucher cloud. It also comes in an array of different languages.

Indian Festivals Calendar App
Since many students become home sick after a brief stay in abroad. Well, this app can bring you close to your festivals and put a smile on your face and cherish the fond memories of your parents and friends.