Every year, over 10 lakhs students registered for NEET in India. The total number of seats in MBBS & BDS institutes across India (private & government) stands just over 95000. Hence, around 10% of students may qualify to be a doctor. Remaining 90% students may look to study abroad.

Even among 10% of students who qualify through NEET but not getting through government colleges, may not afford the exorbitant fee of private colleges that account over 50% of total available MBBS seats.

Comparatively, in certain countries, it is relatively easier to be admitted by some of the best ranking medical universities of the world. The student may get direct admission into MBBS / BDS without any entrance test. Usually, all such medical universities are recognized by WHO & Medical Council of leading countries like USA, UK, Australia, and even India.

A reasonable fee, high quality of education, maximum exposure to practical training & easy admission process across the world’s leading medical universities can help you to fulfill your dream of becoming a qualified Doctor.

  • General Medicine (MBBS)
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Advance Care Paramedics
  • Pediatric Medicine
  • Medical Immunology
  • Medical Genetics
  • Pharmacy Technician


Aliff recommends the following country for MBBS

Money Matters

MBBS/BDS :Rs. 3,00,000 onward

An average monthly living expense is around Rs. 22000 to Rs. 60000. Living expenses cover accommodation, three meals per day, utility bills, and local travel. Though, it varies depending on the city & country you live and your lifestyle.

It may include one-time fee like Coaching for standardized test, exam fee, visa fee, VFS fee, medical & travel insurance, university application fee, document attestation, airfare etc. You may account an additional Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 1, 80,000 for above expenses.

Most of the countries allow students to work part-time 20 hrs part-time during their studies and 40 hrs full time during vacations. The earning may also support you borne your living expenses.

*Money means any amount paid to Aliff for the purpose of seeking admission to an international university. All other payments (like payment to university, courier charges, attestation charges etc.) are not covered under the guarantee and are not refundable.

A very few scholarships are available for MBBS studies. Only a handful of student can expect to get a scholarship. However, Universities in Russia are government funded and are heavily subsidized. The student can take advantage of this and study medicine at a very affordable cost.



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